Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm gonna stand up next to a mountain...

...and chop it down with the edge of my hand!

well folks,it's finally done
took some time but my my was it worth it :)

here's a gut shot...

it's definitely a one trick pony,but what a trick! huge bassy wall of fuzz
sounds amazing in combination with my wah probe,beautiful sustain on neck humbuckers
down right nasty with a tele bridge pickup
yep this is definitely going straight onto the board

thanks again to Simon & Mark!


  1. awesome! well done mate, looks great... nice tidy wiring. :)

    I built myself a germanium rangemaster boost last night to pair up with my Fuzzface. (details on my blog later) I thought it would be just the thing for that authentic vintage vibe!

  2. I thought for a moment you were going to say.. "I'm gonna stand up next to a mountain... and throw myself off because I can't get this crappy fuzzface circuit melx sent me to work!"

  3. Looks nice!

    Very tidy with the wiring.

    Is there any chance of a demo?

  4. yeah, the board looks really nice too.... ;)

  5. Haha! Yes Simon,you are brilliant!

    Kev,I'm trying to do a deal with the boss on a camcorder so hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something for demos!

  6. lol, It was a good team effort, I sourced the vintage parts and built the board up, IvIark sorted the wiring and measured the transistors Hfe's, you painted the case and wired it up! :)

    ....there is a lesson in that there.

  7. yep there is...we should be making money from this shit! =)

  8. you're right, I should have charged you £30 not £15.


  9. hehe.... here's a story for you... know those striped pedals? I put them on ILF for £29, the thread had 182 views and I didn't sell any of them! rofl.

  10. super clean looking build. and the board looks a beaut. How does it sound?!

    Melx - link to the for sale thread?!