Monday, July 5, 2010


well,I finally completed the respray of my BYOC two knob bender
Sonically I went for the mods that make it fairly nasty and velcro-esque!
I also changed out the knobs from the kit ones,and fitted an LED bezel to the case as stock it was just floating in the gap,and on a couple of ocasions got pushed inside (a right pain in the arse to fix!)
oh and I pimped it with an orange LED too

actually it may be just a wee bit too nasty/bright...might mod it to tame it a little in the future...

overall I'd definitely recomend any newbies to building to check out a BYOC kit,
they use good quality parts and the instructions are very clear and precise

right then...time to go and dust off Led Zep I!!


  1. cool.... I'm looking forward to seeing your rat finished next! (now you have the cap on the way) It's odd that when I first started building pedals I wanted mine all classic silver hammerite and the like ... but I went stupid instead and started painting them in pink and white stripes! lol...

    p.s. nice to see a new post, I thought you'd given up. ;)

  2. yeah I have a cool lookin box for the Rat too!

    stay tuned!

    nah I haven't given up,but hopefully from next week I won't be spending three hours travelling per day!

    Hammerite is really cool,but after this can runs out i'll take a break and try something else
    visually what I really want to do is make my own decals for them,just gotta figure out the technique first!

    (...edited to remove American English!)

  3. you just need some clear inkjet decal paper ... that's how everyone seems to do it. Do you have a 'staples' or something somewhere near? after sticking it on, you can clear coat over it to protect it a bit more.

  4. we have Easons...kinda like old WHS smith were really

    I'll try there!