Thursday, July 8, 2010

FuzzFace part Deux!

well after receiving a truly beautiful PCB in the post from a certain Mr Mel X today
I thought it was high time I got the Fuzzface back in action!

so between bouts of being blown away by the wind (why is it so unusually windy today?)
I managed to spray the case...
sorry Kev but yes, it's Hammerite :P


  1. :(


    It's still not too late to get creative with it...

    It would look great painted like a tiger! Grrrr!

  2. yeah that could be an idea,maybe for the inside of the case! :P

  3. Hahaha!!

    maybe I'll do a tiger striped one for you Kev, I could tear the masking tape to give it a natural tiger fur look. :)

  4. Hi where did you get that enclosure from?