Monday, July 5, 2010

Elementary,my dear Bloggers

...Is what I wish I was posting right now,unfortunately all is not well in the saga of "how I fixed my pesky Mr Echo!"

basically this is a great sounding pedal,which got a bad rep after a dodgy batch of switches slipped through the net,meaning some pedals won't properly bypass every time you engage the switch...
which I only found out after buying mine,which is dodgy as a Glastonbury hot dog stand!

now SIB said they'd do it but I couldn't justify $50 to repair it,so tonight I broke out the iron and went to work

the 3p3t switch is connected to the PCB eyelets by six little jumper wires (i used stripped back solid-core wire) after quite a fiddly job I got the new switch wired up

Alas a Problem! huge background noise when you engage the effect :(
now the bypass works,and the controls are working all fine,but I have this loud hum that's not right at all,never done that before?

So any ideas fellas,cold joint maybe?


  1. My guess would be that you don't have the earth connected properly somewhere... that's what hum says to me usually.

  2. I don't know what happened to my last post, but 'everything working but hum' sounds like something not earthed right.. check those earth connections on the switch and jacks... add extra ones if need be.

  3. very strange!


    I wonder is it linked to that momentary switch?
    it has a big metal collar that goes around the switch shaft and is then soldered to the PCB?

  4. I don't know mate, sounds odd.... Maybe solder a bit of wire to the jack sockets earth and then go around touching the other end of the wire to places that should be earthed and see if anything happens? I can't say I'm the best person to ask about trouble shooting if I'm