Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm gonna stand up next to a mountain...

...and chop it down with the edge of my hand!

well folks,it's finally done
took some time but my my was it worth it :)

here's a gut shot...

it's definitely a one trick pony,but what a trick! huge bassy wall of fuzz
sounds amazing in combination with my wah probe,beautiful sustain on neck humbuckers
down right nasty with a tele bridge pickup
yep this is definitely going straight onto the board

thanks again to Simon & Mark!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

outside is finished

well she's pretty much done for today,the paint is still tacky
so I'll have to wait to wire it up

I went with the bigger Voodoo Labs style knobs,I think the scale suits the case better
pretty pleased with it so far!

FuzzFace part Deux!

well after receiving a truly beautiful PCB in the post from a certain Mr Mel X today
I thought it was high time I got the Fuzzface back in action!

so between bouts of being blown away by the wind (why is it so unusually windy today?)
I managed to spray the case...
sorry Kev but yes, it's Hammerite :P

Monday, July 5, 2010

Elementary,my dear Bloggers

...Is what I wish I was posting right now,unfortunately all is not well in the saga of "how I fixed my pesky Mr Echo!"

basically this is a great sounding pedal,which got a bad rep after a dodgy batch of switches slipped through the net,meaning some pedals won't properly bypass every time you engage the switch...
which I only found out after buying mine,which is dodgy as a Glastonbury hot dog stand!

now SIB said they'd do it but I couldn't justify $50 to repair it,so tonight I broke out the iron and went to work

the 3p3t switch is connected to the PCB eyelets by six little jumper wires (i used stripped back solid-core wire) after quite a fiddly job I got the new switch wired up

Alas a Problem! huge background noise when you engage the effect :(
now the bypass works,and the controls are working all fine,but I have this loud hum that's not right at all,never done that before?

So any ideas fellas,cold joint maybe?


well,I finally completed the respray of my BYOC two knob bender
Sonically I went for the mods that make it fairly nasty and velcro-esque!
I also changed out the knobs from the kit ones,and fitted an LED bezel to the case as stock it was just floating in the gap,and on a couple of ocasions got pushed inside (a right pain in the arse to fix!)
oh and I pimped it with an orange LED too

actually it may be just a wee bit too nasty/bright...might mod it to tame it a little in the future...

overall I'd definitely recomend any newbies to building to check out a BYOC kit,
they use good quality parts and the instructions are very clear and precise

right then...time to go and dust off Led Zep I!!