Friday, March 25, 2011

Lovely evening...

for a spot of pedal drilling and spraying... 

Here's my extremely high-tech pedal drying rack in action


Test fitting the case for the pots and switch etc

looking forward to finishing this off hopefully tomorrow night!


  1. Crap! well I had a flawless hammerite finish...unit I stupidly touched it :(

    so with torch in hand I ventured back out and shot another coat to hide the damage;
    it's invisible now,but its taking forever to dry

    so I've built a pedal drying rack that clips onto the radiator using an old coat hanger!

    hopefully the heat speeds things up and I can finally box up that Rat that's been hanging around forever!

  2. Cheers kev,it's my very own design
    I think there's money to be made here!!

  3. yay!

    glad to have you back..

    .. it's gonna be me moving next!

  4. so,cheers! where are you off to chief??