Friday, March 25, 2011

Lovely evening...

for a spot of pedal drilling and spraying... 

Here's my extremely high-tech pedal drying rack in action


Test fitting the case for the pots and switch etc

looking forward to finishing this off hopefully tomorrow night!

Friday, March 4, 2011

look what I found...

Fancy printing onto metal from your inkjet?

one of our suppliers has started importing this stuff
it looks very interesting,self adhesive backing too
I definitely fancy making some pedal decals out of this!

I'll see if I can blag a sample roll ;)  

Bless me Father...

It's been seven months since my last post...
for my penance I'll say Three hail Marys,build 3 fuzzes,one trem & a phaser!!

So! After battling through Christmas,and Moving House (don't mention the War)
I'm finally settled,and I think it's time to break out the Soldering iron,dust off the multi-meter
and get cracking!!

after several trips to Ikea,I've built myself a proper Mancave

Stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm gonna stand up next to a mountain...

...and chop it down with the edge of my hand!

well folks,it's finally done
took some time but my my was it worth it :)

here's a gut shot...

it's definitely a one trick pony,but what a trick! huge bassy wall of fuzz
sounds amazing in combination with my wah probe,beautiful sustain on neck humbuckers
down right nasty with a tele bridge pickup
yep this is definitely going straight onto the board

thanks again to Simon & Mark!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

outside is finished

well she's pretty much done for today,the paint is still tacky
so I'll have to wait to wire it up

I went with the bigger Voodoo Labs style knobs,I think the scale suits the case better
pretty pleased with it so far!

FuzzFace part Deux!

well after receiving a truly beautiful PCB in the post from a certain Mr Mel X today
I thought it was high time I got the Fuzzface back in action!

so between bouts of being blown away by the wind (why is it so unusually windy today?)
I managed to spray the case...
sorry Kev but yes, it's Hammerite :P

Monday, July 5, 2010

Elementary,my dear Bloggers

...Is what I wish I was posting right now,unfortunately all is not well in the saga of "how I fixed my pesky Mr Echo!"

basically this is a great sounding pedal,which got a bad rep after a dodgy batch of switches slipped through the net,meaning some pedals won't properly bypass every time you engage the switch...
which I only found out after buying mine,which is dodgy as a Glastonbury hot dog stand!

now SIB said they'd do it but I couldn't justify $50 to repair it,so tonight I broke out the iron and went to work

the 3p3t switch is connected to the PCB eyelets by six little jumper wires (i used stripped back solid-core wire) after quite a fiddly job I got the new switch wired up

Alas a Problem! huge background noise when you engage the effect :(
now the bypass works,and the controls are working all fine,but I have this loud hum that's not right at all,never done that before?

So any ideas fellas,cold joint maybe?